Analysis of Marriage Astrology: Importance of 7th House from Ascendant- A Vedic Astrology Analysis

In today’s world, everyone wants to know about his or her marriage. With the complex society and fast lives, relationships are getting complicated and result in heart breaks. Seldom one notices a happy couple with cheerful happenings. The reason is your 7th house from your ascendant in vedic astrology. While you may like an individual or may fantasies depends on your 5th house and its Lord but 7th house is into legal relationships. Hence your first marriage and the conditions after a legal relationship is analysed from the 7th house. Not only the 7th house jn a vedic horoscope deal with legal ties but also it refers to journeys, losing ones way on a voyage, break in an expedition, visit to several places during the same journey and places abroad. It is also an interesting fact that loss of memory is related to this house.

Now let us discuss about the position of this house with respect to vedic horoscopes.

Aries: If your 7th house falls in this zodiac, then chances are there that your partner will be aggressive in nature. If Mars is well placed in the horoscope, then it leads to a happy married life. Mars in first house looking at the 7th house gives very good results. Mars situated in 7th house with an aspect of Jupiter will provide a lovely bonding between a couple. Jupiter and Venus, if aspects 7th house, it results in a blissful conjugal life. Moon situated in this house will also lead to a great relationship, however your life partner will tend to be dominating. Sun in this house will make ones soul mate kingly in nature and self dependant. Mercury is generally not well placed in this zodiac, so though there will be lot of communications, but harsh speech can create some big challenges in ones life. Saturn in this house will delay ones marriage, but will help to resolve any issues which may be created between a married couple. Rahu and Ketu axis in this zodiac will create big challenges for the native. This is due to the individual’s likeness & dislikes of ones life partner after some time. There will be times when a native may be separated from ones life partner due to various reasons if ketu is placed in 7th house of a horoscope. Ketu being a spiritual planet is likely to make one’s life partner spiritual. Rahu on the other hand being a materialistic planet will lead to a partner who is gorgeous and more demanding in nature. Planets Rahu and Ketu may make a native remarry once again.

Taurus: If your 7th house of the zodiac falls in Taurus then there is a chance that your life partner will be independent, good looking and well behaved. There is a likely phenomenon that lots of social activity, might go on in your family because of 7th house Taurus and your life partner will be able to handle your finances very wisely. Mars in this house will lead to aggressiveness in the nature of the life partner but also tremendous passion. Venus being the seventh Lord in the 7th house that is Taurus will lead to a very peaceful, charming, gracious and good family life. Jupiter in this zodiac is likely to make your life partner act like a knowledge centre and a source for inspiration. However Jupiter may also lead to delay in marriage here and challenges due to ego. Moon being exalted in this house will lead to a very good family bonding and will also result in travels with long journeys. Rahu and Ketu axis in this zodiac will create many challenges in the conjugal life of the native, however Rahu placed in Taurus will bestow the native with a beautiful wife or husband.

Gemini: If your 7th house of the zodiac falls in Gemini then your life partner will be learned, a great source of inspiration, a good communicator and nice tempered individual. The natives life partner will like intellectual challenges and will love to pursue higher studies. Mercury being the 7th Lord, if not well placed in the zodiac, will lead to communication gaps between the married couple and can also lead to harsh talks which can be a great challenge for long term relationships. Mercury placed in Gemini will give excellent results and a happy life to the native. Aspect of benefic planets like Jupiter and Venus will be a blessing for long term relationships. Moon in this house will create some tensions and anxieties as a challenge for the native, however this placement will also lead to a charming soulmate.

Cancer: If your 7th house of the zodiac falls in Cancer then your life partner will be very sensual touching, caring, loving & unchangeable. If moon is placed in Cancer, then this would lead to a blissful happy married life. This also signifies that the marriage may be due to a long term love affair. If moon is not well placed in the chart or is weak in nature, then the native may remarry. The native is also attracted to ones Mother and also tries to find motherly trait in his/her soulmate. Sun in this house will lead to a gorgeous and dominating life partner. Planet Mercury in this house will lead to a talkative soulmate and harsh talks which might become a challenge in long term relationship. Aspect of Jupiter and Venus in this house will lead to a happy married life. Rahu placed in this house will not be in a position to give good results, however the sensibility of the life partner will be high but at the same time presence of Rahu will make the Soulmate to be very moody and may lead to depression which is likely to create a problem towards happy married life.

Discussions on other zodiacs will continue in the next article.

The above right up is a general prediction and these are my personal views which may not match with astrologers. This is based on my experience of reading this subject and looking into the practicalities of the situation based on horoscope analysis for all these years.


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