ALL ABOUT CAREER & PROFESSION ASTROLOGY: Importance of 10th House from Ascendant- A Vedic Astrology Analysis

The tenth house from the ascendant in Vedic Astrology deals with one’s career and profession. From the ancient days, people wanted to know about one’s social status, name and fame when one grows older. Career have always been considered to be the center stage of a society, cutting across all boundaries and profession. In ancient times, fore-tellers used to be consulted by the Kings and Nobles about the future of one’s kingdom and whether their off springs can take the reins of the empire forward. Well from those days and till today, there is no difference in the same thought process.

In Vedic astrology the tenth house from the ascendant is an answer to one’s career, one’s work profile, one’s profession, one’s promotion, one’s rise to name and fame etc. Tenth House is the strongest Kendra House from the Ascendant. Tenth house also shows one’s kingdom, which may be created during his/her lifetime. Tenth house has lots to deal with Government, one’s rank, status and position of authority, public esteem, ruling powers, one’s honour in a society and many more. When one speaks about living abroad, it is also analyses from this house. The parts of the body that symbolizes the tenth house is the backbone, one’s knees, left part of the nose, left arm fit and left thigh etc.

Hence the tenth lord becomes very important in terms of one’s profession. A combust tenth lord or a very weak tenth lord, leads to many struggles in one’s life. On the other land a strength tenth house gives glory and fame to the individual. Sun in the tenth house gets directional strength, Venus in the tenth house generally becomes weak, mars in the tenth house helps to get jobs which are aggressive in nature, mercury in the tenth house leads to jobs where significant amount of documentations and speech are required, moon in the tenth house can make a native politician or gets success in liquid business and water, Jupiter in the tenth house leads to jobs in the teaching or spiritual field, it’s also for the best publishers, best advisors etc., Rahu in the tenth house leads to career in the disaster management field and if Saturn is well placed, the person generally succeed in politics, becomes ministers and effective administrators. Ketu in the tenth house generally provides one a routine job. By that I mean a job or profession, which is regular in nature like doing the same type of job day after day.

Let’s now discuss about planets placed in tenth house from ascendant in details. Here, let’s discuss with the condition that only a single planet is placed in the tenth house without any afflictions.

Sun in 10th House: If planet Sun is in the tenth house in a favorable position, it makes the native intelligent, learned, famous and self-confident. Sun gets directional strength in this house. Generally, with this position the native tries to be a leader. However, this position also gives a lot of worry to the native. Work life is always very positive for these natives, if not afflicted by any planets like Rahu or Saturn. If Moon is combined with Sun, the natives will have high ego. This may be the reason for their downfall one day.

Moon in 10th House: If planet Moon is in the tenth house and in a favorable position, then the native will be successful and popular. The native will have tendency to change profession and a powerful moon will lead the native to meet many people in powerful positions. There will be good longevity of the native, if the Moon is powerful.

Mars in 10th House: If planet Mars is in the tenth House, then the native will be highly ambitious and successful but will be self-centered. There will be a chance that the native may face charges of using foul language and the native’s aggression may lead to downfall. However, if Mars is very powerful, the native will take up jobs which needs aggression and will be a highly skilled person with lots of riches and authority. However, if Mars is afflicted, the native will get trouble through servants, enemies, litigation or maternal uncle to the native’s children.

Mercury in 10th House: If planet Mercury is in the tenth House then the native will be eloquent, happy, bold and learned in a subject. The native tends to be highly educated. Whatever the job the person be in, the native will be very enthusiastic about gaining knowledge. Due to this, the native will be well known amongst the masses. Due to very meticulous observation and study, the native will be successful in profession. However, if Mercury is not placed in a benefic house or remain afflicted, then it will cause significant trouble to the native.

Jupiter in 10th House: If planet Jupiter is in the tenth House, then the native will be learned in law, education or governing. But Jupiter in 10th house will also create troubles for the native in getting a good job. However, on the other hand, whatever the native will begin will one day, provide good dividends. Due to Jupiter, the native will gain by long voyages. If an adverse Saturn affects Jupiter here, the good effect of Jupiter significantly reduces.

Venus in the 10th House: If planet Venus is in the tenth house, then the native may pursue an artistic career and earn well from it. The native may be under a female boss, if in service. The natives may have a pleasing career and may be appointed as head of an institution on the basis of its contacts. Venus in the tenth house tends to be weak and Jupiter if aspects Venus here, will provide a good career.

Saturn in the 10th House: If planet Saturn is in the tenth house, then the native will be highly disciplined and preserving. The native will get a stable job and will work hard to reach one’s goal. The native will observe the rise as well as fall in career. The native may come from an ordinary family and will have growth in life but slowly. But it’s always said that slow and steady wins the race. However, the relation of the mother with the native may not be as good.

Rahu in the 10th House: If planet Rahu is placed in the tenth house, then the native will have many ups and downs in the career. On one side the native will see many highs and on the other hand there will be frustration in the job also. Rahu also helps the native to do politics as well as become Ministers or head of the Institutions.

Ketu in the 10th House: If planet Ketu is placed in the tenth house, then the native will do a routine job. There may be sudden gains in the job and bosses will remain pleased with the native. Since 10th House is the Kendra house, Planet Ketu will give good results. The native will also be spiritual in nature.

The above write up is a general prediction and these are my personal views which may not match with astrologers. This is based on my experience of reading this subject and looking into the practicalities of the situation based on horoscope analysis for all these years.


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