ALL ABOUT SPIRITUALITY AND EXPENDITURE IN LIFE: Importance of 12th House from Ascendant- A Vedic Astrology Analysis

We live in a World full of adversities, pain and agonies. Day in and day out we feel the burnt of the blazing realities. We all face that enigma – inexorably, unwaveringly, without a quiver, straight as a sword to pierce the heart of falsehood. Lots of question circle our mind. Is it possible for this body, which is at present our means of terrestrial manifestation, to transform itself progressively into something capable of expressing a higher life or will we have to abandon this form altogether and enter another that does not yet exist on earth? Will there be continuity or the sudden appearance of something new? Will there be progressive transition between what we are now and what our inner spirit aspires to become, or will there be a break, which means being obliged to discard this present human form and waiting for the appearance of the new form – an appearance whose process we do not foresee and which will have nothing in common with what we are now?

Many a time people speak about much of expenditure and losses and the ways to avoid them. There are people who have lots of expenditure and not able to control those. This is analyzed and seen from the 12th house from ascendant from a Vedic horoscope. So, generally astrologers will tell you that the 12th house of a horoscope is about sorrow, worries, unfortunate incidents, isolation and whatever negative one can think off. Secret enemies are also seen and analyzed from the 12th house from ascendant and its lord. Karmic effects and loss due to marriage is also seen from the 12th House.

Now, lets discuss about the positive side of this house. If you want to go abroad, enjoy long voyages, or want to do selfless and profound service to the society it’s the 12th house which needs to be analyzed. If the native have a sound sleep in night, lets thank the 12th house and the planets positioned in it. Bed Pleasure is also analyzed from the 12th house from ascendant.

The interesting fact is 12th house is not only about financial expenses, it’s also about expenses of one’s energy to reach one’s goal. For example if Mercury is in the 12th house and is lord of the 12th house, that means, there is a loss in communication. But through this loss of energy in communication, a native can become a very well known writer or astrologer or an owner of a restaurant. So, here I mean to say that through persistent efforts and loss of energy a native fulfill his/her dreams. 12th house from ascendant also means working behind the scenes and helping someone else comes to limelight.

Suppose of the fourth house and the twelfth house are connected, it signifies a change of residence. It is also seen that if the second house (house of income) or the twelfth house is connected, a native may take up professions in the Hospitals, Monasteries etc.

Here let us discuss about placement of Lords in the twelfth house and general predictions:

If the Lagna/Ascendant Lord is in the 12th house, it indicates that the native wants to be in an isolated environment and these people loves to work in isolation. So, these people loves to take up profession like doctor, scientist doing research in a isolated places, sages etc. These people feels good when they settle or visit foreign lands.

If the Second lord in 12th house, it means that the native or native’s family might have migrated to a foreign land to make their own assets. They get their returns of their investment from foreign organizations. Also, these people are seekers of spirituality and make gains out of that.

If the Third Lord is in the 12th house means that one’s siblings like brothers or sister’s can settle in a foreign land. The native will be very spiritual in communicating and will love traveling to foreign lands. So, do not get surprised, if these people are great writers about spirituality and travel.

If the Fourth Lord is in the 12th house means that ones tradition and upbringings were from a spiritual background. It shows that the native’s mother will be spiritual and these people gets comforts of a good house or vehicles in a foreign land. These people can actually buy homes or vehicles in a distant land far away from home.

If the Fifth Lord is in the 12th house, that means that your self expression and creativity are best served in an isolated place probably when you are alone. These are signs of great writers or people who are extremely creative but can explore their best when they are alone. These also represents the fact that these people’s educational background can be in a foreign land and may deal with foreign stocks depending on the type of planets situated in the 12th house.

If the Sixth Lord is in the 12th house, then this means that you tend to be a healer and love to heal people in isolated places. These also means selfless service like doctors, nurses or working for ‘not for profit’ organizations. However, these combinations can have two extremes i.e one can have negative addictions or positive approach to life through healing. The said aspect depends of the strength of the planet and the type of planet placed in the 12th house.

If the Seventh lord is in the 12th house that means your spouse will be from foreign lands and the native will look forward to a spouse who will be spiritually connected. These people will marry an individual who will help the native to travel to foreign lands. This combination also means that the native will do business with Multinational companies or will invest or do business in foreign lands. This combination also means that the native may have expenditure due to spouse.

If the Eighth Lord is in the 12th house it causes Viprit Raj Yoga. It means that through worst situations, you gain something big. Sudden awaness of Spirituality, Celestrial powers, Getting sudden wealth in a foreign land etc. are seen from this horoscopes from this placement. It also means sudden gains in finances from spirituality.

If the Ninth Lord is in the 12th house it means that the native will travel across the seas, will reach to Spiritual Leaders in foreign lands, will travel to isolated places in the world and these people can make great astrologers. These combination will help one to be great writers depending on the position of Mercury.

If the Tenth Lord is in the 12th house, it means ones work environment will make one isolated from the outside world. These are the actual persons who work from behind the scenes. However, this also points out the fact that these people will not be satisfied at work and feel lost and lose their identity. These people can do very good in a creative field through their own imagination.

If the Eleventh Lord is in the 12th house, it means that one’s elder siblings might settle in foreign and the native may do investment in spiritual deeds, in foreign stocks or property. Most of the native’s friend can be from foreign lands.

If the Twelfth Lord is in the 12th house, it means that the 12th house lord will protect the native from the harmful impact of the twelfth house traits and will make contentment about the 12th house things. This makes the native have a balanced approach in life and depending upon the positions of the planets, this placement can make the native a great writer, if Mercury is placed in the same sign i.e in the twelfth house. Professionals of a great spiritual person or a great creator are also formed due to these placements.

The above write up is a general prediction and are my personal views which may not match with astrologers or others. While Destiny is hard work and luck, we wish everyone great success in one’s good endeavours. The above article is based on my experience of reading astrology subject and looking into the practicalities of the situation based on horoscope analysis for all these years.

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The above small brief is a general astrological prediction and my personal views which may not match with astrologers or others in the same or related sectors. I have tried to understand through my research a connection between Astronomy, Universe, Spirituality and Astrology. I look forward to your comments. The above astrology article is based on my experience of reading astrology subject and looking into the practicalities of the situation based on horoscope analysis for years.

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