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Unemployment is a burning issue these days. In today’s world, unemployment ratio is increasing day by day and it’s another article from my side, based on the ancient science of Vedic astrology about understanding the fact that, it’s not always the job or profession which can provide one with a steady income, but there are many business or entrepreneurship activities which if explored can provide better financial gains. Once we understand this logic, half our problems melts away and each one of us becomes creators towards a better society.

We live in a society where we feel safe to work under the guidance of some other individual and in some other’s successful ventures. However, seeing the greater challenges in entrepreneurship, we tend to take up an established organization’s job. A analysis suggest that across 62 economies of the globe, more than two-thirds of the adult population believe that entrepreneurs are well-regarded and enjoy high status within their societies. As per the Entrepreneurship Monitor, around 60% of adults, in all three economic development groups, believe that more media attention is gained by entrepreneurs. It has been analysed by some experts based on their introspection that on an average two-thirds of the adult population in the efficiency-driven economies consider starting a business a good career choice, in comparison to around 60% in innovation-driven economies. Now let’s take the examples of some countries. It has been observed that Africa is the region reporting the most positive attitudes towards entrepreneurship, with three quarters of working-age adults considering entrepreneurship a good career choice while 77% believe that entrepreneurs are admired in their societies. On the other hand, it is seen that Latin America and the Caribbean reports the lowest proportion of adults believing that entrepreneurs are highly regarded (63%), while continent Europe has the lowest belief in entrepreneurship as a good career. Some 58% people may share this view. However, on an average globally almost 40% to 50 % of working age adults see good opportunities for starting a business through this entrepreneurship skills.


The World is now having shortage of jobs. The reason can be attributed to various parameters, including the present pandemic situation. Have we ever thought that one day, we can start our own venture, something in the form of small business? Many of us do and some of us think otherwise.  Let me take a small moment and state one of my experience. It was dark and as I moved home from my office, tension gripped me for my next day office assignments, which takes much of my private time. I had a strong aversion to these tasks which makes me shorten my personal time with concomitant anxiety, tensions and another related phenomenon. This is not a censorious talk based on the fact that I am a workaholic. Understanding this, one day I came across an unknown citizen of this mother Earth selling Tea in one corner of the globe who was equally tensed and with a smiling face managed his ‘own business’. Speaking with this human incognito, I understood, what does it mean to be an Entrepreneur, even though you are in stress, you actually work for your OWN organization or business.

I was listening to one entrepreneur a few days back and his struggling tales about small business. Brooding on his unhappy thoughts about job and his stress, he started his own small business based on his inner talent. Life is all about ideas and its these concepts which makes one life fruitful. It’s all about those small things which makes you get interested and you try to pursue those talents to make your life meaningful. Over the years, I have understood that you need not go for something big or create big, but it’s those small things in ‘you’ which often is less noticed by the world including ‘you’, which is the key to any future big ventures.

In this world of Artificial Intelligence and as the day starts, one is bounced with notifications from mobile handsets which tells you about the type of movies you should watch, the type of music you should listen, the type of revolutions you need to join, the type of food you need to eat, the difficult life from the political field, the expenditures and its never-ending stories. The question lies is how do you find yourself amongst all these. How is it possible to constantly motivate yourself amidst these online notifications, digital and discouraging physical world, when more than half of the world will let you know that ‘its difficult and you do not have the right skillset to do the same.” However, that isn’t true, yet we live agreeing to other people’s opinions and do the same mistake again and again.


Business Astrology


If you are reading this personal thought of mine, then I will request you to focus on those small things of your life, where you showed extraordinariness. These moments may be that particular photograph, which brought smile in your face and you wonder how did you clicked such a brilliant snap or may be that simple art of message which changed completely another human’s life for higher good. These are the special talents which one have and in the midst of all those constant negative thoughts, work pressure, competition etc. it’s lost. It’s time to bring back the same in your lives.

Entrepreneurship or Starting your own Small Business is a wonderful feeling, as it makes you owner of your dreams with a message to the physical world, that my existence in this world is to do something innovative & creative through my special talents. India has to work a lot to infuse the concept of Small Business & Entrepreneurship in millions. It is well known that enterprise is a crucial engine of economic growth and without enterprise and entrepreneurs, there would be less innovations and few new jobs. Instead of getting frustrated in a formidable job and colleagues, it is better to try with one’s entrepreneurship ventures.

Let’s analyze these from the position of planets in the D1 or Lagna Chart. In Vedic astrology, money houses are the 2nd House from the ascendant, 5th House, 7th House, 10th House and the 11th House. However, for the entrepreneurship, lets analyze the 7th House lord and the 12th House Lord in detail along with the 2nd House lord, its placements, its conjunction, its affliction, its strength, mahadasha etc.

Generally the 7th house lord and the 12th house lord plays a very important part in one’s entrepreneurship abilities. Lets analyze from D1 chart, without considering other divisional charts . If the 7th house lord is placed in the 1st house, then possibilities are there of self expression, through which one may succeed in business. If the 7th house lord is placed in the 2nd house of family or income, most of the times it is seen that the individual joins family business or make a business out of his/her inner capabilities. Possibilities are there that the native’s family may also invest. It is also observed that the individual does tremendous efforts to make his/her entrepreneurship sustainable, if the 7th house lord is in the 3rd house from the ascendant. If the 7th house lord is in the 4th house, then it’s a great yoga. Business tends to provide comforts and luxuries in life. If the 7th house lord is placed in the 5th house, the individual is very creative in his or her business activities. If the 7th House lord is in the 6th house, then the individual through consistent efforts can help his or her business. If the 7th house lord is sitting in the 7th house, then the business of the individual may bring great success. If the 7th house lord is sitting in the 8th house, then business of the native may bring sudden gains and continuous efforts can lead to great success. If the 7th house lord is in the 9th house, then the individual tend to do business in sectors where he or she may spiritually connect to ones entrepreneurship activities. If the 7th house lord is placed in the 10th house, then possibilities are there that business may bring lot of success to the individual. If the 7th lord is placed in the 11th house, then through large circles of friends, connections, business may flourish and may give large gains in life. If the 7th lord is in the 12 th house then business might proposer better in foreign lands or with people who are not in the same region.


Position of 2nd lord in 5th house, 7th house, 11th house or in 12th house also help in doing business. Interchange of 12th lord in 7th house or 7th lord in 12th house also signifies business or entrepreneurship opportunities. However, all these depends on the positions of the lord, its strength, its conjunctions, aspects by benefic or malefic planets etc.

Hence it is observed that most of the people in the world have inner capability of doing business and entrepreneurship through their OWN TALENTS.

We always say that every person born in this world has great talents and understanding one’s inner talents depends on various factors in Vedic astrology. One among them is through the analysis of the 12th house. 12th House make you stride, struggle, lose energy, do expenditure and finally lead to a wonderful creation if you have the persistence to work towards building entrepreneurship in the sector represented by the 12th lord, its planets, conjunctions, aspects etc.

This is just a simple astrological analysis about one’s hidden talents, which are best analyzed observing the planets position in one’s house, the type of the house, the lord of the house which may be benefic or non benefic, the strength of the 7th house, aspects on 7th house lords, 12th house and the strength of the 12th house planets etc.


The divisional charts state a lot about one’s wishes on taking entrepreneurship ventures and persistent work on the same leads to success. While the 3rd house from the ascendant provides one with motivation and strength to move on after facing difficulties, the 7th house from ascendant deals with business and legal documents. Since the first house is 7th from the 7th house, so business and entrepreneurship dealings and wish is seen from the first house. So, the first house i.e the ascendant is not only about one’s appearance, but also about one’s inner strength to pursue one’s business. There are many astrological yoga which do help to understand about entrepreneurship opportunities in astrology and what types of business one is prone to. If the 7th Lord sits in the ascendant, then one will try to do business which is run by the self.

So, one may think that the name and fame of the individual will be due to the job and to some extent, it may be true, however, if the human can go forward with helping others by connecting with the masses in various forms, the same person’s name can cross boundaries of districts, states and countries based on the position of Saturn.

By the same logic and out of my understanding, I have seen many people becoming World Famous because of 12th house combinations since those are the things which you love to do and like spending on them. Expense means not only financial expense; it also means expense of energy. So, if you have to make your hobby into entrepreneurship, then do expense of energy for the 12th house activities. However, 12th house activities take time and puts forward innumerable challenges and if you can overcome the same, your name and fame crosses boundaries.

The 11th house from ascendant is the fifth house from the 7th house. So, any creativity in the business is analysed by this house. The more creative you are in your business, chances are there that it will flourish more and will have mass appeal. If there is a relation between the 11th and 7th house, it will lead to lots of creativity in business ventures.

Horoscopes do tell a lot about one individual and the soul’s inner wish. Continuous efforts in one’s goal will definitely lead to great success in days. So, does that mean that everyone can do business? The answer to this is partially ‘yes’ because everyone has a 7th house, 11th house, 1st house and 2nd house in Vedic Astrology. Now, we need to figure out as to what ways the astrological planets are placed and in the other divisional charts. But I strongly feel that if one’s intention is good and noble, everyone can succeed in the entrepreneurship ventures. You learn from your own failures and no matter even if your 7th lord is placed in the wrong house, wrong combination, debilitated, retrograde etc, you will succeed as all astrological planets gives results based on ones ‘free will’.

Type of business can also be determined by exalted planets in ones D1 chart. Any planets which is exalted and is placed in Kendra and in its own house or a friendly house can help in entrepreneurship opportunities. This is also determined by the types of Nakshatras these planets are placed, whether the planets are Ashwini Nakshatra ruled by Ketu, Bharini Nakshatra ruled by Venus, Krittika Nakshatra ruled by Sun, Rohini Nakshatra ruled by Moon, Mrigasira Nakshatra ruled by Mars, Ardra Nakshatra ruled by Rahu, Punarvasu Nakshatra ruled by Jupiter, Pushya Nakshtar ruled by Saturn, Ashlesha Nakshtara ruled by Mercury, Magha Nakshatra ruled by Ketu, Purva Phalguni Nakshatra ruled by Venus, Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra ruled by Sun, Hasta Nakshatra ruled by Moon, Chitra Nakshatra ruled by Mars, Swati Nakshtara ruled by Rahu, Vishakha Nakshatra ruled by Jupiter, Anuradha Nakshatra ruled by Saturn, Jyestha Nakshatra ruled by Mercury, Mula Nakshatra ruled by Ketu, Purva Ashadha Nakshatra ruled by Venus, Uttara Ashadha ruled by Sun, Abhijit Nakshatra which is from 6 degree 40 minutes to 10 degree to 53 minutes in Capricorn, Shravana Nakshatra ruled by Moon, Dhanishta nakshatra ruled by Mars, shatabhishek Nakshatra ruled by Rahu, Purva Bhadra Nakshatra ruled by Jupiter, Uttara Bhadra Nakshatra ruled by Saturn and Revati Nakshatra ruled by Mercury.


Business Astrology Online

The above write up is a general prediction and these are my personal views which may not match with astrologers. This is based on my experience of reading this subject and looking into the practicalities of the situation based on horoscope analysis for all these years.

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