The dreaded astrological planet Rahu has always been shuddering many for sudden mis-happenings. The planet Rahu has a fearful look, dark in complexion and its body has a serpent appearance, which indicates tamasic nature. Planet Rahu’s vehicle is a lion. This astrological planet acts like Planet Saturn and is the cause of suddenness in any event. This planet is friendly to the Mercury, Venus and Saturn. This astrological planet is neutral to Jupiter and is enemy are astrological planets like Sun, Moon and Mars. Planet Rahu is the karaka of the following factors like: innovations, inventions, gambling, any form of revolution, any form of social and political movements, snake bites, tumours in the body (if malefic with Jupiter).

Hence from the Karaka, it is well understood that this planet Rahu represents some of the few known diseases like cancer, mental disturbances, hallucinations, illusions etc. It is also related to hiccups and pain in the body and it’s the karaka of very old age. If planet Rahu is afflicted with the planet Sun, then it may cause heart trouble. Planet Rahu also causes leprosy and also results in pain or injury in the feet.

Planet Rahu’s direction is south west and signifies wild tribes. However, Rahu generally means foreign connections and is significant of non-hindus and Buddhism. If Rahu is well positioned in one’s chart, one will do air travel and it also denotes paternal grandfather and maternal grandmother.

Planet Rahu combination with planet Sun tend to have an adverse effect and it takes from the native one’s energy and hence the native incline to face obstruction from Government, fatherly figure etc. However, if Rahu is well placed in the house in a friendly nakshatra, the effects will reverse. After a certain age for planet Sun and Rahu combination, planet Sun comes out of the effect of Rahu and hence provides good results after the age of 30-31 years.

If the planet Rahu is in combination with planet Moon, then planet Rahu either increases the quality of the Moon or it darkens the planet Moon based on this combination. Moon signifies mind and also water. Hence, this person will have a tendency to be near water or will tend to use more water than any other normal person.

Combination of planet Rahu with Mars is very high energy. This combination brings with it the negative energy of revenge, the urge to push forward one-self to the extremes. Natives with this combination should keep patience, have faith in the almighty and do things which can help others.

But then the question lies as what is this astrological planet Rahu? Is it just a malefic or benefic planet or it is more about matters which is larger than life? Planet Rahu is an astrological planet which is also a karmic planet. The position where Rahu is placed is the native’s karma for this birth. So, the individual tend to focus on factors where Rahu and its dispositor sits. About 180 degrees from the planet Rahu is the spiritual planet Ketu and generally it is seen that people goes to that unknown area, where planet Rahu is placed as per the house it represents and when one gets depressed or frustrated, the individual takes the help of the spiritual planet Ketu. So, for some days, the individual lives with planet Ketu and its significance and then again jumps to the area where Rahu is placed.

Hence a native will perform or do things or feel pride in possessions which is governed by planet Rahu. That’s the beauty of this innovative creative planet Rahu. A well-placed Rahu makes one’s mind scientific and innovative. Many big innovations in the world has happened due to planet Rahu. So, if Rahu is placed in the sign of Gemini or Virgo and is a friend to the ascendant, then the native can be a great innovator. One of the interesting features of the planet Rahu is that, if it is in relation to any planet, it increases or magnifies the effect of the planet, however, it also passes on its negative impacts to that planet and hence such a planet will be beneficial or may have some adverse effects during its major or sub-period.

It is also to be noted that if all planets are between the planet Rahu and Ketu, then Kal Sarpa Yoga is said to be formed. Also, according to some astrologers, if Rahu is positioned in the sixth house, then also Kal Sarpa Yoga is formed. There will be times when a particular type of combination will result in a raj yoga and if planet Rahu is said to be connected with this combination, the Raj Yoga will be bestowed by astrological planet Rahu. It is also to be analysed that astrological planet Rahu is the planet for suddenness and hence anywhere in a horoscope this planet is placed, this will give rise to suddenness in those parameters which are governed by that particular astrological house.

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The above write up is a general prediction and are my personal views which may not match with astrologers or others. While Destiny is hard work and luck, we wish everyone great success in one’s good endeavours. The above article is based on my experience of reading astrology subject and looking into the practicalities of the situation based on horoscope analysis for all these years.


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