In 2019, there is going to be major astrological planetary transit of the north node of the Moon Rahu and south node of the moon: Ketu from 7th March, 2019. This is a major transit as the astrological planet Rahu will now move to Mercury sign Gemini. Planet Rahu as mentioned earlier is a shadowy karmic planet which enhances the sign in which it is positioned. Astrological planet Ketu mimics like Jupiter and Mars and hence will bring the energy of Mars in the Sagittarius Sign. By this, the sign Sagittarius which is a warrior sign will become fierce.

So, the question lies as to what would happen to the World, when this transit takes place:

  1. In the world, this transit will provide a boost to the stock market, while Rahu’s negative energy will lead to much disturbance in terms of ups and downs in the profit and loss of Industries.
  2. There will be a lot of communication, which is likely to take place during this time. However, for countries where, Rahu enters the 12th sign from Ascendant will lead to communications which is likely to be misleading. However, for some countries as per my own astrological analysis, planet Rahu is likely to enter the tenth house, for example US, Saudi Arabia etc for which there will be growth and all around development in the field of communication, over-all health of Industries, increase in exports, trade amongst nations. Economy of Russia is not going to be benefit much from this movement of planets; however, there will be more and more new findings of oil and natural gas basins, which can lead to good revenue. Even in Aerospace the country is going to make new innovations.
  3. Hence, this transit is likely to foster trade amongst the nations. However, placement of Ketu in Sagittarius may lead to some internal conflicts.
  4. For India, the planet Rahu as per my analysis will enter its second house, which may lead to focus on wealth generation. Food, Restaurants, Travelling, Consulting Industries etc are scheduled to grow during this time in this sub-continent. India’s GDP is also scheduled to rise during this time period.
  5. However, for India, 8th house Ketu transit may lead to some major sudden happenings. Chances are there that opposition parties are likely to get momentum due to this transit and there may be wide spread agitation across the nation because of planet Ketu in the warrior sign of Sagittarius.

So, it’s quite clear that investments in business need to be made carefully during the transit based on the owner’s individual horoscope as everyone of us is going to be in affected in a different ways.

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The above write up is a general prediction and are my personal views which may not match with astrologers or others. While Destiny is hard work and luck, we wish everyone great success in one’s good endeavors. The above article is based on my experience of reading astrology subject and looking into the practicalities of the situation based on horoscope analysis for all these years.


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