In the Cosmic Sky, there will be a major transition and on 7th March, 2019 the North Node of the Moon is transiting to the Zodiac sign Gemini. However, as per calculations, the North Node of the Moon, the astrological planet Rahu is scheduled to transit from 23 March, 2019 at 1.17 pm as per some astrologers.

This being a major transit after almost one year 8 months, it is likely to influence all of us in various ways. The zodiac sign Gemini has two and one fourth nakshatras. It may be noted that these Nakshatras represent the mind, the higher or lower energies and uncertainties. So, what will happen when the north node of the Moon will transit into the Punarvasu Nakshatra during this period? It is to be noted that Purnavasu Nakshatra is ruled by the astrological planet Jupiter.

For the next one year and eight months, the astrological planet Rahu will transit through the Nakshatras Punarvasu, Ardra and Mrigasira. Now as this karmic planet moves forward, there will be various happenings as per Business and Entrepreneurship is concerned. While Punarvasu is ruled by the planet Jupiter, the other Nakshatras like Ardra and Mrigasira is ruled by planet Rahu and Mars respectively. Hence in the Gemini Zodiac sign as per the timing of the events, a lot of communications, ups and downs will be seen in various sectors, where the planet Rahu will transit. 

When the North Node of the Moon, planet Rahu transits to 3rd pada of Purnavasu from 26 degree 40 seconds to 30 degree is likely to increase in business for the following sectors:

  1. Food Sector
  2. Restaurant Sector
  3. Publishing Sector
  4. Tourism and Travelling Sector
  5. Dental and Dermatologist equipment’s and business related to these sectors
  6. Movies which deals with fantasy world and animated movies sector
  7. Aviation sector is also likely to get a boost during this time.
  8. Marketing and Advertising Business
  9. Talk Show related sectors
  10. Writers and journalists are likely to see boost in their career
  11. Trade including Export and Import

The North Node of the Moon is comfortable in the 3rd pada of Purnavasu Nakshatra and it will be empowered to provide intelligence to Zodiac sign Gemini. Here the astrological planet Rahu will work as thinker and analyst.  When this planet transits to the second pada of the Purnvasu Nakshatra i.e from 23 degree 20 seconds to 26 degree 40 seconds, astrological planet Rahu will be at its best and will act like an exalted planet. The North Node of the moon is likely to bless the following business during this time.

  1. Retail banking
  2. Photography Sector
  3. Interior Designing
  4. Art Performers
  5. Chefs in Hotels is likely to increase their income and customers
  6. Fragrance Sector
  7. Automobile Sector

However, different types of events are likely to happen when the North Node of the Moon transits to first pada of Punarvasu i.e from 20 degree to 23 degree and 20 seconds. When planet Rahu transits to the first pada of the nakshatra, there will be turbulence and ups and downs in the following sectors:

  1. Petrochemical Sector
  2. Pharmaceutical Sector
  3. Chemical Sector
  4. Medical Equipment’s
  5. Defense Equipment’s Trade
  6. Sports Sector
  7. Private Hospitals is likely to see increase in Revenue

However from November, 2019, again there is a change, in which different sectors of business is likely to get a boost. But, in general, the following sectors are likely to see gains:

  1. Food and Restaurant Business
  2. Publishing Houses
  3. To some extent Aviation Sector

It must be remembered that while the North Node of the Moon crosses through the Gemini Sign, the south node of the Moon will be exactly opposite side and will transit through the warrior zodiac sign Sagittarius in first pada of Uttara Asadhra Nakshatra. With the transit of Planet Ketu in the 26 degree 40 seconds to 30 degrees in Sagitarrius in the first pada of Uttara Asadhra, it will bring philosophical new thinking’s, changing the way how one use to work and will bring up new talents for the market. Astrological Planet Ketu entering this sign is likely to lead to the following events for few months:

  1. Analysis of new thoughts and constructive criticism of the Rulers of the land
  2. New Talents coming up to show case their products
  3. Philosophical writings get a boost.
  4. Opposition Political Parties forms new alliances, based on constructive thinking.

As days pass, I will write new articles based on this transit and if you like reading this article; I look forward to your comments. The entire analysis and prediction is based on Vedic Astrology and based on the transit of the North and South Node of the Moon. This is a general prediction and individual business and entrepreneurship opportunities will entirely depend on one’s personal horoscope.

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The above write up is a general prediction and are my personal views which may not match with astrologers or others. While Destiny is hard work and luck, we wish everyone great success in one’s good endeavors. The above article is based on my experience of reading astrology subject and looking into the practicalities of the situation based on horoscope analysis for all these years.


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