Success of Type of Movies based on their Stories – An Analysis with the Help of North Node of the Moon

Sometimes, I just want to know the answer of a simple question as to what connects a human heart. Is it language, is it finances, is it property, is it gadgets or is it emotions, music, sentiments, social work or films? The second part is much more positive as though humans have created physical boundaries made with different languages, different region, different race, caste, religion etc, one thing, which connects all of us together is our ‘emotions’, ‘music’, our ‘feelings’ towards each other, our social work which serves higher good and our thoughts, sentiments through our ‘movies’. The silver screen has always connected souls together may be in the early 1895 and is still continuing its progress. Silver Screen is all about visuals, which a human mind imagines and involves oneself into the scenario which make facts come alive.

In Ancient Science of Astrology, movies were always assumed to be dominated by the energy of the astrological planet Rahu. The reason being that this planet Rahu is not only a shadow planet but is also the North Node of the Moon. Rahu shows oneself facts and visuals, which is not real and yet shows the scene in such a way that it seems to be true. This mystical planet has always been dreaded and feared from ancient times due to its suddenness. However, as days passed by it is observed that this North Node of the Moon has many parts to play in one’s life, including making one extremely creative and innovative. Hence when there is a renowned innovation invented, the same is said to be due to the Planet Uranus or Planet Rahu. Apart from this planet Rahu rules many other areas of life too.

Planet Rahu rules the Nakshatras of Ardra, Swati and Shatabhisha in vedic Astrology. Amongst all these after my research on the subject, I have found that Ardra and Shatabhisha have more powerful influence of the planet Rahu. In Swati, its not so much powerful as it’s in the Ardra, where it opens up more in its friend’s zodiac Mercury. Each of these Nakshatras falls in the following Zodiac Signs Gemini, Capricorn and Libra. Ardra in Gemini adores its Lord Rudra. This particular Nakshatra has its star as Al Han’ah. This is all about creation and the end of the same. It’s all about the end, where one gets salvation. So, its sometimes symbolized as a Tear drop. Ardra Nakshatra also deals with intellectual capability and the state of the mind towards creation.

Planet Rahu is now at Punarvasu, August 2019 and within two months, as it moves to Ardra, in its own nakshatra sign, what is going to happen at the Silver Screen? Let us take the examples of Bengali Movies which have been released after March 2019. Rahu In Punarvasu will help in those topics which shows the ray of light after much struggle. Rahu means sudden expansion and in a Nakshatra ruled by Jupiter in a Zodiac Sign of Mercury, will help in those movies which deals with initial struggle but slowly the struggle gives way to success. The success can be magical and the story is likely to bring some divine message. So, any movies which starts with struggle and comes out with some divine message is likely to get recognition.

So, the Bengali (Tollywood) movies like Konttho, Durgeshgorer Guptodhon, Maati, Rainbow Jelly etc. is likely to get a astrological boost due to the cosmic energies of the transit of the astrological planets. However, the question lies as which type of movies is likely to get more benefit when Rahu enters its own Nakshatra of Ardra? In this Nakshatra of Gemini, Rahu is going to be extremely powerful and hence it’s likely to support those movies which are about extreme events like Twister, Movies on Wildlife or which is based on revolution is going to see new light of the day. Movies which highlights the issues of the Rural areas leading to Social transformation, movies about exotic animals is likely to get a cosmic boost.

So, I hope any creative or artistic movies may be released after September 30, 2019 will lead to a better cosmic support. So, if the upcoming movies like Gumnaami, Ghare Baire Aaj etc are released after September 30, 2019, as per my own astrological analysis, it’s likely to get a cosmic astrological backing which support ideas. I feel that Rahu in between 16 degree 40 minutes to 20 degree in Gemini will support new ideas, creativity and not necessarily action as astrological Planet Mars have a hard time here in these degrees. However, when Planet Rahu crosses over and is between 13 degree 20 minutes to 16 degree 40 minutes, it’s the likely time for any action or extreme movie releases in this sub-continent.

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