Healthcare System in USA -An Astrological Analysis 2020

It was one evening when I was thinking about the Kafkaesque of Health Sector and the plight of the people of the World, where poverty crosses their coping capacity to see health as their fundamental right. In many places there are greater humans who have ameliorated better policies for improvement of people, who are less privilege. How much Infernal interminable problem it may seem, all dilemma can be solved through endurance and fortitude. As an Astrology writer, I have an inner feeling that our world is going to be better in terms of Healthcare. I wish that my dream may come true. As my inner mind confabulated on the same, in this article I thought of writing about the year 2020 and the impact of the cosmic sky on the Healthcare System of United States of America. Healthcare issues have always been a peregrination journey for United States. It’s not only United States, I feel that every Nation needs a very comprehensive healthcare policy. That will help our brothers and sisters in all parts across the globe to live better and healthy.

So, what does Vedic Astrology foretells about United States in the year 2020? Here is my own personal analysis based on reading this subject for years.

Taking reference from various sources and websites, I found that as per my Astrological analysis, United States has Sagittarius Ascendant. I find that United State’s Ascendant is in Mula Nakshatra as per Vedic Astrology. This becomes Interesting as Mula Nakshatra is all about spirituality and the reason for our birth. It helps one to understand the fact that even if we may have physical wealth, we need to get connected to our roots – the cause of our existence. This makes United States a great Nation, a nation which takes pride in its originality and that makes this Nation larger than life. I tried to analyse more on the astrological aspect and found that in the Sarvastvarga, the ascendant has strength of 34, which is high and that means that as a Nation, the country will have great fighting spirit. As I analysed, I could understand that Planet Jupiter has Strength 6 in its own Sign, which is very high. By that I mean that this nation is an auriferous of wealth, values and creativity and the source of knowledge. With Sagittarius Ascendant, it clearly showcases that United States will not leave by giving you a walk-over, the nation will fight till the last to get the things done. That’s the spirit, which makes United States, ‘United States of America’.


Will Healthcare System in United States of America Improve ? An Astrological Analysis

Planet Saturn in Chitra in Virgo is going to give United States power and glory through Administration, Geology, Information Technology, Chemical Industries, Oil and Publishing of any form, Communication Instruments, Food, Mining and Agriculture. However, the problem lies that in the Nakshatra of Chitra, Saturn will try to act fast and will sometimes act like Astrological Planet Mars which means investments in defence. With Rahu in the 8th house and Saturn in 10th, Aviation will be a very big industry for US. With Saturn directly looking into the 12th sign of Scorpio, most of the expenditure of this country will be on external problems and war.

Planet Venus in Ardra Nakshatra, Mars in Mrigasira, Sun in Punarvasu, Jupiter in Ardra means that Research will go forward in this Nation for Vehicle Sector, Clothing and Fragrance Sector. However, sticking to our discussion point of Healthcare, we find that Mars is very close to Cancer Sign and is in Libra Pada of Mrigasira, which makes Mars act in a different way. Now looking at the signs of Mars i.e the 12th house and 5th House lord, United States will also try to have more investment in Defence, External Affairs and Innovations. But Healthcare is likely to suffer. Venus and Mars aspect is a concern, since Healthcare sector will be an area of debate and agitation for this Nation. This also means that the 12th house lord in the D1 horoscope of expenditure/loss is in aspect the 6th house of Diseases.

Now, if I analyse the D30 Chart, I find that Astrological Planet Mercury has some relation with the 2nd house. That means there will be always a communication regarding health and such type of social issues but the focus of US will be on expenditure for political scenarios outside the country and the ways that can lead them to greatness. This is what I feel from my analysis.

So, What Has 2020 is in store and what can be the possible solutions towards improving the Health Sector for the people of the United States?

As per my Astrological Analysis, after January, 2020, United States is again going to have better partners and relationships and tie-ups towards making better healthcare. With Astrological Planet Jupiter is in the move at Sagittarius, there will be intellectual discussions all around United States towards a better Healthcare. With Jupiter directly looking at itself during its transit and Mars and Venus from the Ascendant it becomes possible. After September, 2020, it will be possible for United States to come to a formal conclusion in the Healthcare Sector.

Will Healthcare System in United States of America Improve ? An Astrological Analysis

Way-Out As per Astrology:

Astrologically I feel that United States may like to invest more on liquid medicines or provide subsidies for medicines which are liquid in Nature. That would help the cosmic energies of the zodiac Scorpio and zodiac Aries to pacify and eliminate the negative effects of cosmic planet Saturn in Chitra Nakshatra in Virgo.

It also likely that United States economy is going to increase because of concrete policies which the nation may take. So, the overall GDP of the country is going to increase. Most of the wealth for United States is likely to get through policy changes and investments in its own territory. Since Moon is in Shatabhisak in the D1 chart, it is likely to focus now on their own issues and problems, so that important matters can be solved on priority. In order to lessen the impact of Saturn, United States also may invest more on reputed educational institutes medical departments in its own soil for more research into medical products (based on ancient knowledge) which are less costly. This will pacify the negative aspect of Planet Saturn on the 4th house.

Much of the details which are written above are my own thoughts and analysis which is general in nature. However, affordable health care is one of the sectors which needs attention not only in states but across the world. I personally believe that when the Cosmic Sky planetary movements premise with honest determination, it’s a verity that wonders start happening. How much may be the problem or beguiling or challenging a situation may be, honesty and values always win.

At the end, I wish my friends of United States of America a great health through effective good policies and since it’s a new year, I thank from the bottom of my heart for reading this personal Astrological Analysis of the nation on healthcare.

With this may I take this opportunity to wish you an advance Happy New Year 2020 to all my National and International Readers. May all of you remain happy and stay blessed. Thanks for your time and thanks for all your support and comments.

The above small brief is a general prediction and are my personal views which may not match with astrologers or others in the same or related sectors.

While Destiny is hard work and luck, we wish everyone great success in one’s good endeavours. The above article is based on my experience of reading astrology subject and looking into the practicalities of the situation based on horoscope analysis for years.


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