World and Covid 19 in 2020 – Astrology Analysis

It’s been long, I wrote my previous article on Astrology. Emails flooded my inbox with a request to analysis and write an article on the present situation of the world. It’s true that this year 2020 have been difficult for many of us. Personally, I lost my father, after his long fight with brain hemorrhage on 5th April, 2020. He was Professor and a Social Worker for over 45 years of service. Losing my father was just like losing my best friend. The pain and tribulations which went on in my mind could not be written here in words. However, as I started my life once again, I can feel the pain of my brothers and sisters across the world, who may have lost their near and dear ones during these challenging times. 

So, what went wrong in the World? What is the reason that so many people all across the world have to suffer as I write this article on May, 2020? Can Astrology provide an answer to these questions? Yesterday night, as I started thinking, I came to a conclusion that these may have happened due to major Astrological Transits, which I am explaining in my own way. 

If I take an example of the first case of Corona Virus that may have happened during the month of November-December, 2019, I find out that the astrological planet Ketu was at 15 degrees 1 minute at Purva Asadha Nakshatra in Sagittarius, while Astrological Planet Saturn was also at Purva Asadha Nakshatra at 22 degrees 33 minutes. Rahu was exactly at the opposite at Ardra Nakshatra at 15 degree 1 minute. 

So, what does this combination mean for all of us. To understand this and after researching data from various sources, I tried to gather the date of the outbreak of SARS Infection in a particular Nation. In my analysis, taking an outbreak month of approximately March, 2003, I analyzed the following based on the movement of planets in the Cosmic Sky, that is Saturn was exactly at 29 degrees and 28 minutes in Mrigasira in Taurus Zodiac and Astrological Planet Rahu was in 6 degree 44 minutes in Krittika Nakshatra in Taurus. Exactly 180 degrees away was Planet Ketu at 6 degree 44 minutes at Anuradha Nakshatra. Planet Jupiter was at 14 degree 11 minutes at Pusya Nakshatra. 

I went on further to analyse from astrological point of view, the effect of Ebola Virus outbreak in the world. Again from various sources and websites, I found out that the major outbreak was in between 2014-2016. Taking location of a country of the outbreak during those times, I analyzed that planet Saturn was at 28 degrees 34 minutes in Libra, planet Rahu was at 4 degree 19 minutes in Chitra at Libra. Astrological Planet Ketu was at 4 degrees 19 minutes. Planet Jupiter was in retrograde option at 17 degree 22 seconds at Ardra in Gemini.

So, in all these I found that the occurrence of Virus infection happened in the world, when Astrological Planet Saturn was close to the Astrological Planet Rahu and Ketu. That triggered an infection for the masses since the astrological planet Saturn rules the masses. 

Then the next question obviously arises is, if Saturn moves away from this combination, will there be relief? In my analysis, the Astrological Planet Saturn triggered the event and as the Rahu-Ketu Axis Moves in the clockwise direction and the Astrological Planet Saturn moves in the anti-clockwise direction, I feel that things will tend to become normal. 

Coming back to the present scenario, taking the present location in the South Asian region, Planet Ketu is in Moola Nakshatra in 5 degree 9 minute at Sagitarrius. After doing my own analysis, I calculated that this planet Ketu starts moving towards 3 degree 20 minutes, on 22 nd July, 2020 which is likely to help in improvements. I feel that the World may research and invent new medicines and may find help through supportive medicines to counter the disease. 

The interesting fact is that Mula Nakshatra is ruled by Planet Ketu. This particular Nakshatra deals with the Soul’s mission towards attaining Moksha or knowing the reason for our own existence. The path of Ketu through the degrees 0 to 13 degree 20 minutes is all about understanding ourselves and that our karma (Work) done is the root cause of our problems. We need to be connected with our roots and we also should understand that we co-exist with all species in this planet Earth. So, while Astrological Planet Ketu passed through these degrees, it reminded us of our karma done previously, the consequences of which we face today.

This is all my personal analysis and I hope that things turn for good after July 22, 2020. I will write a separate astrological article on the financial system of the world and the South Asian Region in my next article. 

Thanks for reading. The above small brief is a general prediction and my personal views which may not match with astrologers or others in the same or related sectors. I look forward to your comments. 

While Destiny is hard work and luck, we wish everyone great success in one’s good endeavours. The above article is based on my experience of reading astrology subject and looking into the practicalities of the situation based on horoscope analysis for years.


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