Creation of ‘Positivity Support Zones’ – An Astrological Approach

As the world moves towards 2021, I thought that we need to focus on positivity and seek opportunity in areas, where there was none. It’s true that there is an economic slowdown which is a troubling financial issue all across the world. As Business strives to get success, the human effort to excel further increases. The world is now thinking on different ways through which our business can excel further. Corporate Houses are innovating new opportunities, which can help Business grow. That needs an applause of the tremendous human spirit, which are still fighting to get things done. As, we concentrate and celebrate the power of Human creation and Human positivity, I tried to find importance of human mind and the way we can bring positivity in our lives. 

There are many corporate in the world, who have to work under very high pressures and minute to minute detailing of activity either bring revenues or losses. That can either help the cause or can diminish the activity as depression or frustation, which may grow due to huge performance work pressure. The same negativity is carried ‘home’ and it increases manifold, if not properly addressed. 

We live in a World, where every one of us are excellent in one or the other ways. We are beautiful because each of us are unique. Only problem is that we do not understand our importance beacuse we are too busy or too lazy to understand the reason – why we are born. Its true that we need to generate income to run our families, it’s also true that we need to do the task as the job demands, it’s also true that business leaders need to be work for maximum time, crossing business hours to check if every thing is in order, but then, when do we step back a minute to find solace for our soul and mind to move ahead? That needs some special time to be with one self and find peace within the universe. 

This led me to think on a concept which I term as ‘Positivity Support Zones’. There may be many who may have worked on the same and have come out with their ideas, but yesterday, when I was looking back at my astrological studies for almost 14 years, reading articles, documents, books, doing my own calculations & studying the cosmic skies to find answer to my queries, I suddenly came to a thought that can we create Personal ‘Positivity Support Zones’ for us, for families, for Industries and for Corporates. I think we can, if we know how to go with it. 

Talking about ‘Positivity Support Zones’, i analyzed that this ‘Positivity Support Zones’ need to be in accordance with one’s zodiac, if one is preparing for just oneself. As I am working on the concept, I am trying to do my own personal research and connect one’s Horoscope with the space. This space can help one think better, feel better and likely to give an energised environment to communicate and move to the world with confidence.This research of mine may take sometime, however, anything which deals with the cosmic energies need patience to understand the entire system and flow of energy as per one’s zodiac. So, the obvious question as how can one make a ‘Positivity Support Zones’ for corporates and Industries. For that, I think, my readers need to have patience and wait for my next article. 

The above small brief is a general prediction and my personal views which may not match with astrologers or others in the same or related sectors. I look forward to your comments.

While Destiny is hard work and luck, we wish everyone great success in one’s good endeavours. The above article is based on my experience of reading astrology subject and looking into the practicalities of the situation based on horoscope analysis for years.


Mainak Majumdar, Astrologer


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