Sectors Helping India Financially – A Vedic Astrology Article

The year 2020 will be ever be remembered in the history of this world due to the Pandemic and also due to the great financial depression that happened throughout the globe. Recession and Job losses have made life miserable for many. Not only this, Covid-19 and its pandemic situation brought loses to families as they lost their near and dear ones. Personally, I lost my father Prof Prodip Majumdar, a veteran Lecturer of Political Science due to brain stroke this April, 2020. All these situations are sad moments for everyone. With this came the economic debacle, as many humans in the world started losing their jobs and business came to a standstill. As I thought on writing this new article, I tried focusing on ways as how India may increase its finances. I have not taken into consideration the Dasha’s and recent planetary transits.

Analysing the horoscope of this Nation, I found that India has Taurus Ascendant and Cancer Moon Sign. Astrologically, this nation has ‘Anant’ Kalsarpa Yoga, which is in the descending order. So, for India, things can not be happen at one go. It struggles a lot for simple achievements. However, due to the presence of this Yoga, the people of this Nation would relentlessly try to get the things done. The energy or vigour for this nation comes from Planet Mars, which is in Ardra Nakshatra ruled by Planet Rahu. Now, this is an interesting combination for India, as Astrological Planet Mars in the sign of Gemini in a Rahu ruled Nakshatra, bestows the inhabitants or citizens of this Nation, power to observe clearly and on the other hand to introspect and learn, before coming to a conclusion. It’s because of this energy, India has given birth to many renowned ‘Scientists’ across diverse sectors. They have shown new light in areas, where there was none. This degree of Planet Mars, combined with the energy of Planet Rahu have helped to bring creativity in almost all sectors and people have tried to innovate and address their issues.

The 10th lord Saturn is in Aslesha Nakshatra ruled by Mercury in Cancer Zodiac in the 3rd House of Ascendant in the D1 chart. In dasamsa, the 10th house lord from Ascendant Planet Saturn is placed in Virgo Zodiac. Hence, from my astrological analysis, it’s quite clear that Lord Saturn has a role to play in increasing the GDP of this nation. By that I mean that this planet Saturn will help in increasing the finances of this nation. Lord Saturn is likely to support Agriculture, Mining, Manufacturing & Infrastructure to some extent, Real Estate sector, Aviation, Chemical Industries and Fertilizers, Pesticides and necessary by-products from Chemical Industries etc. So, if one analyses the history of this Nation, one can find that most of the income or financial strength of this nation have come from these sectors.

In terms of GDP, this sectors have significant contribution. However, since Planet Saturn is sitting at 20 degrees 28 minutes in the Cancer Zodiac and is very close to Planet Sun at 28 degree and 1 minute, this planet Saturn is combust due to the rays of the Sun. That means, through much struggles and efforts, this sectors gets recognized. In this scenario, based on the Astrological Horoscope Chart, I feel the following projects may be proposed to boost this sectors:

Evening Vegetables Retail Shops for Small Towns:

If the farmers sell their products in the evening, after the Sun is set, they are likely to get more income than in the morning. So, this project is likely to help farmers generate more income for their hard work over months. Business dealings in Agriculture, selling related products, fertilizers etc and finalizing deals on paper in the evening after sunset is likely to help.

Secondly bills or amendments related to Agriculture, Agricultural Products may be taken up in the evening session of the Assembly or Parliament. I feel that may lead in the auspiciousness of the event.

The Nation needs to invest more on Agriculture and Innovate New products for making farming easy with incentives.

Its also interesting to see the position of Lord Mercury in the Nakshatra of Pushya, which is ruled by Saturn in the Cancer Zodiac. Hence, Exports and Trade of Agricultural Products, Fertilisers etc. is likely to increase the over-all financial growth of the nation. But at 13 degree 41 minutes, it will be difficult for Mercury to have its own strength. Hence, I feel that problems of export and trade to other countries is likely to be a challenge for agricultural products. Hence, India needs to lower some energy of planet Mars, as a remedy for the same.

There is always a obstacle in the Income of the Nation as a whole, the reason being the 11th Lord in the 6th House in the D1 Chart. However, Lord Jupiter at its own Nakshatra will bless the Nation in gaining more through effective good policies. Banking System is likely to face challenges. However, by the grace of Jupiter, it’s going to overcome. It’s also likely that Private Banks in India are likely to make more profits, due to the blessings of Astrological Planet Jupiter.

Placement of Ketu in 7th house from Ascendant always been a challenge in maintaining good relations with its neighbours. Ketu’s energy in the 7th in Scorpio makes the situation always disturbing. After analysing position of Ketu i.e in 5 degree 4 minutes, I may suggest that if India focuses on strengthening the conditions of the below poverty line people and increases the budget for Agriculture, this situation may likely to calm down. Even Countries ruled by Mercury and Saturn is likely to favour India.

To the readers, it may sound surprising, but through my own research on Astrology, I feel that strengthening these sectors will automatically strengthen Saturn which is likely to neutralize the effect of planet Ketu in this nation’s horoscope.

So, here are my few suggestions, which I feel may help India to progress financially.

Investing more on Agriculture

Opening up Evening Retail Vegetable (Fresh from the near-by Villages) shops in small towns in India

Increasing Small Tree Plantation Programs all across the Nation

Focusing more on Surplus Agriculture Products Internationally.

Changing Most of the Logos and Branding of Government Banks to Blue (slight darker shade) in Colour.

The above small brief is a general prediction and my personal views which may not match with astrologers or others in the same or related sectors. I look forward to your comments. The above astrology article is based on my experience of reading astrology subject and looking into the practicalities of the situation based on horoscope analysis for years.


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