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Many people in this world have questions on Astrology and many people write to me suggesting their views on the subject. Some emails are such types, where they outrightly say that they do not believe in any of the things written by any astrologers. Many people are frustrated by showing their horoscopes to astrologers, doing the remedies suggested and then they write that they have seen so much of this astrology, that they are not interested in this subject. I do understand that not all astrologers can be hundred percent accurate and some may be only 20 percent right and these varies from astrologers to astrologers based on their calculations, their thoughts, analysis and views. I personally feel that it may be a different experience with everyone. It’s also true that a horoscope Chart may be seen within a second, but I feel that I do a different type of calculations and it needs time. Patience is something which helps me as a self-researcher in astrology and others also, who show their horoscopes on a regular basis.

Today before I start my article, I want to wish my readers a very happy Festival of Lights – Diwali. May this festival bring prosperity, happiness, joys, abundance and success for you.

Let me discuss in general about ‘Nakshatras’. Today as I write, Astrological planet Moon is transiting through the Swati Nakshatra. Today is also Amavasya that is a dark night, where we will not be able to see the Moon. The Planet Sun is also in Libra Ascendant and as the Moon starts closing in to the Sun, it loses its strength and becomes combust, resulting in a dark night. The science of Astrology seems to be very fascinating. I was personally extremely sad at one point, when I received some messages in my social networking sites, which were not appropriate as per my understanding about ‘Astrology’ as a subject. It did not matter, whether you believe in this ancient science or have your own thoughts, personally I believe that this ancient Vedic science, which has many tales to tell. Hence, in this article, I thought of writing about this. I am fascinated about Vedic Astrology, because to me its all about mathematical calculations and the same I can see happening in the cosmic skies. I wrote about the same in one of my previous astrology articles. However, with the constant encouragement of my better half and wonderful readers like you, I again started writing my articles, which are my personal thoughts and may not match with other astrologers or fortune tellers.

Coming to my discussion points on Swati Nakshatra, the astrological planet Moon is transiting today i.e 4th November, 2011 at 14:27 hours India time, I am really fascinated about this Nakshatra. This Nakshatra is ruled by the revolutionary planet Rahu. The ruling deity about this nakshatra is Vayu, the God of the wind. The symbol of this Nakshatra is Coral. The body part which this nakshatra rules is Chest. The Gana of this Nakshatra is divine and the special sounds of this Nakshatra is Ru, Ray, Ra, Ta.

Now what does this Nakshatra symbolises. This nakshatra symbolizes the Sword. In today’s world, we write all the details in a laptop or through a pen. Now, it depends through our writing, what exactly will happen in the minds of the reader. It can give some positive outcome or some negative outcome. That’s the reason, long back, it was said that the Pen is mightier than the sword. Similarly, these Sword can be used either for good or bad purposes. These people generally cut across the obstacles of their path through any competition and moves ahead to create their own empire. The devata of Swati is Vayu and it rules the material world along with Agni (The Fire) and Surya (The Sun God). Its also said in some ancient scriptures that Vayu (Wind) is the manifestation of Kubera. As most of us are aware that Kubera is the God of Wealth. Hence any planet situated in this Nakshatra is likely to give wealth to the individual. One of the associations of this Nakshatra is with Durba Grass. It is a metaphysical insulator and in ancient times, it was used to remove the evil forces.

This Nakshatra is related to one’s breadth or prana. Hence, this Nakshatra deals with the basic elements of the living beings that is to breathe. So, this Nakshatra is inspirational and supports the very existence of Life. So, whatever and whichever breathes, its related to Swati Nakshatra. Swati Nakshatra is also related to Saturn. The opposite of this nakshatra is the Bharani Nakshatra, where a child is born but is dependent on the mother. Here in this Nakshatra the soul tends to be free. Saturn is also connected to longevity and hence this Nakshatra is also related to longevity. That’s the basics of breathing techniques. The more one follows the breathing techniques, the so-called Pranayama, the body and soul is rejuvenated. This nakshatra is ruled by Rahu and it’s connected to the astrological planet Saturn and hence this planet is exalted here. The ego in this nakshatra just vanishes. The soul tries to do things, which can actually help the larger masses. We can not deny the fact that this Nakshatra people are very materialistic, but with a noble cause. They become great historians, philosophers and theologists. People having prominent Swati Nakshatra are rich, have fame, but are great philosophers also.

Here the Planet Sun becomes debilitated, the reason being the ‘I AM’ statement vanishes here. Sun comes into such degrees, where the karma of the soul is all about helping others. Saraswati Puja is done during basant Panchami and somewhere one can see that the deity of knowledge is all about giving and spreading knowledge without keeping anything to oneself. That connects the Swati Nakshatra with this deity some way to the other. Since Saraswati Puja is somewhere connected to Revati nakshatra, hence Swati Nakshatra is one way of the other connected to Revati Nakshatra.

Swati Nakshatra is from 6 degree and 40 minutes to 20 degrees in Libra Zodiac Sign. Swati is motivated by Artha and these people take practical steps to make their dreams comes true. These people are very practical and they create wealth and being good at business is part of their spiritual makeup. The people of Swati have great interests in history, philosophy and theology. They bend down to gather knowledge. These people have great will-power and these people can also become entrepreneur as they exist to do something for humanity. However, people having prominent Swati need to lessen their resistance and that’s when they shine bright in this materialistic world.

This is all from me in this article. Hope you have liked my personal thoughts and opinions. If you are new to Nakshatras, please visit my previous articles on Nakshatras.

The above small brief is a general astrological prediction and my personal views which may not match with astrologers or others in the same or related sectors. I have tried to understand through my research a connection between Astronomy, Universe, Spirituality and Astrology. I look forward to your comments. The above astrology article is based on my experience of reading astrology subject and looking into the practicalities of the situation based on horoscope analysis for years.

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