‘Nakshatras’ – Vedic Astrology

Nakshatra Astrology have always fascinated me right from the time, when I started reading about Vedic Astrology. A vedic horoscope chart has twelve houses and each house has Nakshatras. These Nakshatras are in turn divided into four padas. Each Padas is ruled by a planet. Hence the degree in which the planets are positioned also helps to understand a happening in one’s life. Out of my curiosity about the subject, I started doing my own research on the same. Hence, I started reading many books and ancient scriptures. After all these readings, I came to my own conclusion that Nakshatras play a very important part in vedic astrology. It’s through this study, one can understand an event and as to why a person acts in a particular way. I hope you may find the article which has my own thoughts and opinions interesting. Thank you. … Read More ‘Nakshatras’ – Vedic Astrology