Nakshatra Astrology and Astrology Predictions

Stars in the skies and their studies have always fascinated human beings from ages. It’s been a lifetime experience to watch the open sky and see the beauty of the night horizon. Sometimes, we use to think, is there a end to this concept called ‘Universe’. Billions and billions of Stars and the rocky gaseous solids occupy the empty space in this vastness. Do these stars have some effect on humans and other living beings? The question also arises as to what effect does these astrological planets and stars have on our soul and physical body. Does situations around us changes due to the aspect of these billions of stars or it’s just an human imagination? As these questions circles around our mind, we try to analyse the happenings due to the aspect of other planets on this flying Rock. Invite you to read my new article on ‘Nakshatra Astrology And Astrology Predictions’… Read More Nakshatra Astrology and Astrology Predictions