Numerology: Life And Happening This Year ‘2022’

This is an Article on Numerology and is an analysis of understanding ‘Life’ this year based on Life Path Number. This is a general thought from Numerology and hope you may find the same interesting.

Numerology or the power of numbers play a very significant role in understanding an event as per the belief of those, who have faith in this science. Let’s first understand the importance of Numbers. The moment you wake up, you see the clock, which has some specified numbers. It may be 6 o clock, 7 o clock or any other time, which is again a combination of numbers. The date on which one goes to work is also a set of numbers, the vehicle on which one sits to go to office is also a set of numbers, the cash ones transact with any vendors is also numbers. Hence, you can observe that everything in this world and the universe is ruled by numbers. Let’s take the example of a solar system. In this solar system, you can find that the entire universe is subjected to the number of stars which has, the number of planets, the type of satellites found around the planets, the distance in between the planets etc., which are all numbers.… Read More Numerology: Life And Happening This Year ‘2022’

Introductory Article (Numerology & Astrology)

This is an Introductory Page of my Numerology and Astrology Website. I am a Numerologist and an Astrologer. You can read about the same. The History of Astrology dates back to thousands of years. It was the Indo-European people, who during the 3rd millennium BC have made roots in the calendrical systems and used to predict based on their celestial calculations. I hope you may find my thoughts interesting. … Read More Introductory Article (Numerology & Astrology)