Depression And Medical Astrology : Article 78

Depression is a very common these days. Today’s high-tech world and their aspirations have led to thoughts of instant satisfaction and gratification. We have become so internet social that we have now removed ourselves from becoming social in real life. Virtual life and their pros and cons have started affecting us in a lot of ways. Viewing virtual screens almost 12 hours a day, lead to mixed reactions and creation of a world, which is far distant from reality. This is my personal feelings. So, how can one understand from the spiritual point of view the subject – depression. Does Vedic Astrology help? All these and more in my new article on Medical Astrology. … Read More Depression And Medical Astrology : Article 78

Creation of ‘Positivity Support Zones’ – An Astrological Approach

As the world moves towards 2021, I thought that we need to focus on positivity and seek opportunity in areas, where there was none. It’s true that there is an economic slowdown which is a troubling financial issue all across the world. As Business strives to get success, the human effort to excel further increases. The world is now thinking on different ways through which our business can excel further. Corporate Houses are innovating new opportunities, which can help Business grow. That needs an applause of the tremendous human spirit, which are still fighting to get things done. As, we concentrate and celebrate the power of Human creation and Human positivity, I tried to find importance of human mind and the way we can bring positivity in our lives. 

This Article is about creating ‘Positivity Support Zones’. Read in Detail…… Read More Creation of ‘Positivity Support Zones’ – An Astrological Approach


These days there is a debate amongst us regarding machines and human. While it was the legendary Karl Marx who once said that “The machine, which is the starting-point of the industrial revolution, replaces the worker, who handles a single tool, by a mechanism operating with a number of similar tools and set in motion by a single motive power, whatever the form of that power. Here we have the machine, but in its first role as a simple element in production by machinery.” As we write, we find that machines are doing the job of low skilled labour force and Business need high skilled work force to maintain the criticality. So, though job market has been decreasing in Europe, the same is increasing in the Asian Region. However, it has been observed that innovation has transformed living standards as Life expectancy has gone up; basic health care and education are widespread; and most people have seen their incomes rise, as per the World Development Report 2019.

This is an astrological article regarding Entrepreneurship and Business. Interesting Article on Astrology. Invite you to Read By Clicking At The Weblink:… Read More HELP YOURSELF AND HELP OTHER’S THROUGH ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND SMALL BUSINESS – A VEDIC ASTROLOGY ANALYSIS