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  • Nakshatra Astrology and Astrology Predictions

    Nakshatra Astrology and Astrology Predictions

    Stars in the skies and their studies have always fascinated human beings from ages. It’s been a lifetime experience to watch the open sky and see the beauty of the night horizon. Sometimes, we use to think, is there a end to this concept called ‘Universe’. Billions and billions of Stars and the rocky gaseous solids occupy the empty space in this vastness. Do these stars have some effect on humans and other living beings? The question also arises as to what effect does these astrological planets and stars have on our soul and physical body. Does situations around us changes due to the aspect of these billions of stars or it’s just an human imagination? As these questions circles around our mind, we try to analyse the happenings due to the aspect of other planets on this flying Rock. Invite you to read my new article on ‘Nakshatra Astrology And Astrology Predictions’

  • ‘Nakshatras’ – Vedic Astrology

    ‘Nakshatras’ – Vedic Astrology

    Nakshatra Astrology have always fascinated me right from the time, when I started reading about Vedic Astrology. A vedic horoscope chart has twelve houses and each house has Nakshatras. These Nakshatras are in turn divided into four padas. Each Padas is ruled by a planet. Hence the degree in which the planets are positioned also helps to understand a happening in one’s life. Out of my curiosity about the subject, I started doing my own research on the same. Hence, I started reading many books and ancient scriptures. After all these readings, I came to my own conclusion that Nakshatras play a very important part in vedic astrology. It’s through this study, one can understand an event and as to why a person acts in a particular way. I hope you may find the article which has my own thoughts and opinions interesting. Thank you.

  • Prana and Swati Nakshatra – Vedic Astrology Article 81

    Prana and Swati Nakshatra – Vedic Astrology Article 81

    This Article is about Swati Nakshatra. This nakshatra symbolizes the Sword. In today’s world, we write all the details in a laptop or through a pen. Now, it depends through our writing, what exactly will happen in the minds of the reader. It can give some positive outcome or some negative outcome. That’s the reason, long back, it was said that the Pen is mightier than the sword. Similarly, these Sword can be used either for good or bad purposes. These people generally cut across the obstacles of their path through any competition and moves ahead to create their own empire. The devata of Swati is Vayu and it rules the material world along with Agni (The Fire) and Surya (The Sun God). Its also said in some ancient scriptures that Vayu (Wind) is the manifestation of Kubera. Invite you to read in detail To know more…