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  • Nakshatra Astrology and Astrology Predictions

    Nakshatra Astrology and Astrology Predictions

    Stars in the skies and their studies have always fascinated human beings from ages. It’s been a lifetime experience to watch the open sky and see the beauty of the night horizon. Sometimes, we use to think, is there a end to this concept called ‘Universe’. Billions and billions of Stars and the rocky gaseous…

  • ‘Nakshatras’ – Vedic Astrology

    ‘Nakshatras’ – Vedic Astrology

    Nakshatra Astrology have always fascinated me right from the time, when I started reading about Vedic Astrology. A vedic horoscope chart has twelve houses and each house has Nakshatras. These Nakshatras are in turn divided into four padas. Each Padas is ruled by a planet. Hence the degree in which the planets are positioned also…

  • Prana and Swati Nakshatra – Vedic Astrology Article 81

    Prana and Swati Nakshatra – Vedic Astrology Article 81

    This Article is about Swati Nakshatra. This nakshatra symbolizes the Sword. In today’s world, we write all the details in a laptop or through a pen. Now, it depends through our writing, what exactly will happen in the minds of the reader. It can give some positive outcome or some negative outcome. That’s the reason,…