‘Nakshatras’ – Vedic Astrology

Nakshatra Astrology have always fascinated me right from the time, when I started reading about Vedic Astrology. A vedic horoscope chart has twelve houses and each house has Nakshatras. These Nakshatras are in turn divided into four padas. Each Padas is ruled by a planet. Hence the degree in which the planets are positioned also helps to understand a happening in one’s life. Out of my curiosity about the subject, I started doing my own research on the same. Hence, I started reading many books and ancient scriptures. After all these readings, I came to my own conclusion that Nakshatras play a very important part in vedic astrology. It’s through this study, one can understand an event and as to why a person acts in a particular way. I hope you may find the article which has my own thoughts and opinions interesting. Thank you. … Read More ‘Nakshatras’ – Vedic Astrology

Introductory Article (Numerology & Astrology)

This is an Introductory Page of my Numerology and Astrology Website. I am a Numerologist and an Astrologer. You can read about the same. The History of Astrology dates back to thousands of years. It was the Indo-European people, who during the 3rd millennium BC have made roots in the calendrical systems and used to predict based on their celestial calculations. I hope you may find my thoughts interesting. … Read More Introductory Article (Numerology & Astrology)

Importance of Nakshatras in Vedic Astrology

This article of mine is on ‘Nakshatra’. In previous times, ancient people use to calculate or predict through the position of stars in the sky. These positions use to help them understand the relations between cosmic Stars and the effect it has on human lives. So, what are these Nakshatras. Read in detail my personal thoughts and opinions in this Article.… Read More Importance of Nakshatras in Vedic Astrology

Sectors Helping India Financially – A Vedic Astrology Article

I had always an Interest about writing on Astrology of Nations. The Challenge is finding the exact date and time of formation or declaration. In this article, I have tried to analyze how our Nation can increase its finances. This are based on my own astrological analysis, which may not match with other astrologers or fortune tellers. I have not taken into consideration the Dasha’s and Recent Planetary Tranists. I hope you may find this article and my own personal thoughts interesting and will request you to kindly share your thoughts in the comment section. … Read More Sectors Helping India Financially – A Vedic Astrology Article

Ishta (Personal Deity) & You – A Vedic Astrology Analysis

In this world, most people are unhappy because they face many problems. Amongst all these obstacles, some get their strength and some couldn’t sail through. The question arises as what would happen, if you can’t go through the problem and the same persists. What is there in some people, who exists and fights amongst the problems and tirelessly go on with their efforts. What is that strength that helps them? Is it faith, is it their inner motivation or is it just destiny? Its difficult to answer these questions as I have seen many strong people crumble when mountainous like problem comes infront of them. They see the mountain and they think that it can not be moved. They stop and the world stops for them.

But Life Has To Move On and If One Gets Connected with One’s ‘Ishta’ (Personal Deity), one may get Peace and Strength to move on. Invite you To Read my Astrological Article. … Read More Ishta (Personal Deity) & You – A Vedic Astrology Analysis

Matrimonial Bliss – Relationship Astrology Part 1

In today’s world, most of the problems are due to Relationships. These issues are of such types that it causes much concern. Say it be relationship between nations, between races, between various states, between families, business, personal relationships etc. if there is any misunderstandings, ego, jealousy or any such negative aspects, it becomes the cause of concern. 

Can Vedic Astrology help in understanding a Personal Relationship?

This Astrology Article is my personal Analysis and I Invite you to Read and Also Post a Comment, if your kind time permits. … Read More Matrimonial Bliss – Relationship Astrology Part 1

Success of Type of Movies based on their Stories – An Analysis with the Help of North Node of the Moon

This is an astrological article on the influence of the astrological Planet Rahu on the Silver Screen and Film Industry. In Ancient Science of Astrology, movies were always assumed to be dominated by the energy of the astrological planet Rahu. The reason being that this planet Rahu is not only a shadow planet but is also the North Node of the Moon. Rahu shows oneself facts and visuals, which is not real and yet shows the scene in such a way that it seems to be true. Interesting Read…… Read More Success of Type of Movies based on their Stories – An Analysis with the Help of North Node of the Moon


In 2019, there is going to be major astrological planetary transit of the north node of the Moon Rahu and south node of the moon: Ketu from 7th March, 2019. This is a major transit as the astrological planet Rahu will now move to Mercury sign Gemini. Planet Rahu as mentioned earlier is a shadowy karmic planet which enhances the sign in which it is positioned. Astrological planet Ketu mimics like Jupiter and Mars and hence will bring the energy of Mars in the Sagittarius Sign. By this, the sign Sagittarius which is a warrior sign will become fierce.

This is an Interesting Article to read on the Transit of North and South Node of The Moon. Invite you to Read by Clicking at The Web Link:… Read More WORLD HAPPENINGS AND TRANSIT OF RAHU AND KETU


It is observed that the global population of entrepreneurs is growing rapidly. The more the job market is reducing its opportunities; the more it is giving way to small business. Small and Medium business opportunities is not going to slow down in the coming days and years. Each day, more and more people are pausing their monotonous traipse of working for someone and are moving towards doing something on their own. It has been rightly said that ‘it’s a career that’s growing in popularity’.

A vedic astrology analysis about Entrepreneurship, Small Business and Start-ups. Read in Detail By Clicking At The Web Link..… Read More ORDINARY PERSONS & EXTRA-ORDINARY ACHIEVEMENTS THROUGH ENTREPRENEURSHIP & START-UPS